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Many people do yoga with the same postural misalignments that they have in daily life. Then they may actually injure themselves doing yoga! Yoga injuries are on the rise. However, you can also use yoga to relieve back & joint pain and prevent injuries. I’ll teach you how to do yoga in a way that protects your back, lengthens your spine, and improves your posture.

My background is in Iyengar style yoga, a style pioneered by B.K.S. Iyengar from India, who focused intensely on proper alignment in yoga poses, using yoga props to make poses more accessible, and therapeutic yoga.

I blend this with alignment guidelines from Aplomb posture (as it’s known in France) or The Balance Posture Method/Spinefulness (as it’s known in the US). For more information about this, see: For my full bio, see:


“I had been having constant problems with my sacroiliac joint – it seemed to keep ‘slipping’ and led to pain on and off for a few years. I tried chiropractors and massage, which would work for a while and then it would return to normal. Dana’s yoga teaching really helped and she took time to make sure everyone was in the right position. I went once a week for about 6 months while I was living in Petaluma and (fingers crossed) my back is still good 6 months later! It’s made me much more aware about the position my back is in generally, in and out of yoga.

-Ali Wright, Edinburgh, Scotland


All classes located at Sonoma Body Balance, 210 Vallejo St., Suite C, Petaluma (unless noted otherwise)

210 Vallejo Street, Suite C

For classes offered by other teachers at Sonoma Body Balance, see the Resources page.


Prices as of September 1, 2018:

1 hour classes:  $13 drop-in, $44 for 4 classes, $79 for 8 classes (good for 4 months)

1.5 hour classes: $16 drop-in, $55 for 4 classes, $100 for 8 classes (good for 4 months)


Yoga for a Healthy Back: Taught by Dana Davis. In this style of yoga, we integrate the alignments taught at the Balance Center into our yoga poses, to reduce injuries, increase length in the spine, and relieve back pain. Based on studying the posture of less industrialized cultures. For more information about Yoga in Balance, check out the Balance Center’s website at

Yoga for Osteoporosis/Healthy Bones: Taught by Dana Davis. Are you concerned about the quality of your bones or the potential of fractures? Recent research using Yoga to treat Osteoporosis and Osteopenia has shown promising results in increasing bone density. Come learn how to use yoga specifically to build bone strength and improve balancing skills, helping you reduce your risk of falling. Get the benefits of weight-bearing exercise without the stress on your joints of high-impact activities like running. You can build bone now to prevent problems in the future.

Restorative Yoga: Taught by Dana Davis. Restorative poses help you to deeply relax body and mind, releasing stress and tension. We will do gentle poses on the floor with lots of props to encourage release. The poses do the work for you; you just relax and enjoy the benefits, such as lowered heart rate and blood pressure, a calmer mind, relaxed muscles, and a sense of renewal. This practice is the antidote to the busy world we live in today!


If you have an injury, please tell the instructor before class begins. In Dana’s classes you will fill out a form before your first yoga class asking about injuries. It’s helpful to share anything that you think might limit your movement. You are always welcome to come out of any pose if it feels painful to you, or ask for an alternative option. The Extra Gentle class is especially geared towards those with injuries or who want a slower pace.

Classes are small enough to give individual attention to all students. The maximum number of students that will fit in the room for yoga is around 14.

Wear comfortable clothes. It’s not a fashion show, so you don’t need the latest style in yoga attire. You can bring your own yoga mat or use one at the studio. All other props are provided. Please avoid scented products like perfume or fabric softeners.

No, definitely not. You are welcome to compete with yourself, but I encourage people to go at their own pace, and I give alternative options if a pose feels like too much for you. You are welcome to come out of a pose at any point, and you won’t be scolded!


At Sonoma Body Balance, we value the environment. That’s why we have natural latex yoga mats, rather than mats made of PVC. (There are some non-latex mats for those with allergies to latex). These mats are made in the USA, reducing the amount of fuel required for transportation, as compared to mats made in Asia. We also have yoga blocks made of cork, a renewable resource. We use CF light bulbs to reduce our energy “footprint” as well.