Classes Offered by Other Teachers at Sonoma Body Balance

For yoga classes, see the Yoga page.

Traci Hanson offers meditation classes, healing energy classes, clairvoyant training classes, self-mastery classes, and spiritual/energy classes. For the schedule, visit


Balanced Posture and Yoga

For more information about the Balance Posture Method/Spinefulness, including the history of Balance and some really great photos, go to the Balance Center website : or to Jenn Sherer’s website:


To read more about Spinefulness and find a teacher in your area, visit:

For Balance/Spinefulness classes in San Jose, check out:

For Yoga in Balance classes in Berkeley, check out Beth Greenfield’s classes at 4th Street Yoga:


For training in Non-Violent Communication, check out BayNVC’s website. Learn how to express your feelings and needs in a way that others can really hear. Learn how to really hear what others are saying and respond empathically:

A beautiful website and accompanying book that give you a simple structure for cultivating peace in daily life:

Environment and Health

For Demeter-certified, biodynamic hydrosols, essential oils, flower essences and medicinal herbs, grown in Sebastopol, CA, visit:

For wonderfully inspiring sustainability tours and workshops, check out Daily Acts. They are located in Petaluma, but are also expanding out to other Bay Area counties. Your daily acts do make a difference!:

For information on the risks of cell phones and wireless technology, check out: