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Introductory Workshops

You can get started right away by coming to an INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP: “The 3 Myths Causing Your Back Pain.” In this workshop, you’ll learn why people in industrialized countries have so much back pain, and see an intriguing slide show that will show you the difference between healthy, pain-free posture and unhealthy, painful posture. You’ll learn how to sit comfortably and get individual suggestions to maximize your comfort.

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Back Pain Relief Classes

If you’re ready now for more in-depth learning, the “Balance Your Body” Foundations Course will give you that. For information on this in-person course, which teaches you how to do all your basic daily movements in a pain-free way, see below. Also, scroll down for information on Private Lessons and Workshops.

Yoga for a Healthy Back Classes

If you love yoga, or want to try it for the first time, these gentle classes will help you learn healthy alignment of your spine and other joints, so you can do yoga without hurting yourself. Visit the Class Schedule for details.

Live Out of the Area?

Check out my home study course, “Good Posture is Bad for Your Back”. You’ll get a workbook and audio CDs to help you learn pain-free posture on your own. Find out more about “Good Posture is Bad for Your Back” here .

“After taking this class, I do not have pain anymore in my hips, knees and lower back. I sit very comfortably in my car and on chairs now. I can stand and walk a lot better and a lot easier.”

-Yasmina Hadri

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