Why Are Chairs So Bad For Your Back?

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Jean Couch and Spinefulness were featured in another NPR segment titled, “Can’t Get Comfortable in Your Chair? Here’s What You Can Do”: The NRP story mentions that in the past, most people sat on chairs that were firm & flat, usually made of wood. As new materials became available, designers used them to create new styles of chairs, which weren’t always good for our spinal alignment. One example mentioned is a chair designed in 1929 – the “Barcelona chair” – that became popular in the US in the 1950s. They look like chairs that I’ve seen and sat in [...]

Spinefulness on Good Morning America!

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On August 21, 2018, Jenn Sherer was interviewed for “Good Morning America” in a segment titled “How changing the way you sit can help decrease back pain.” Jenn worked with Jean Couch at the Balance Center until it closed earlier this year. Jenn mentions that it’s not sustainable to lift the chest all day long. It’s exhausting and can make your back sore. When you notice that you’re slumped, rather than tightening everything in an attempt to “sit up straight”, re-seat yourself, making sure that you bend at your hip joints as you sit down. Following the segment featuring [...]

Change How You Sit, Change Your Pain

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I was excited to hear that Balance/Spinefulness was covered in another NPR health story! The story, “To Fix That Pain in Your Back, You Might Have to Change the Way You Sit” aired on 8/13/18 on “Morning Edition”. The reporter, Michaeleen Doucleff, had experienced a lot of back pain, but got relief from learning Spinefulness posture from Jenn Sherer (, formerly Jean Couch’s business partner at the Balance Center in Palo Alto. Is Sitting "The New Smoking"? The idea that “sitting is the new smoking” was discredited in this story. Doucleff interviewed anthropologist David Raichlen, who has found that modern [...]

Spinefulness on NPR again 8/13/18

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Spinefulness was covered on NPR again on 8/13/18! The story is called "To Fix That Pain in Your Back, You Might Have to Change the Way You Sit", and Jenn Sherer teaches journalist Michaeleen Doucleff how to sit to eliminate her back pain.  Check it out here: For my take on the story, check out my other blog post from 8/22/18 - "Change How You Sit, Change Your Pain".

Get Relief from Tailbone Pain

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Do you find after sitting for long periods that your tailbone is achy or sore? Coccyx or tailbone pain, or "coccydynia" is less common than low back pain, but can be very painful and annoying. I've experienced this, and have found that posture has a huge impact on the level of pain in this area. Where is your coccyx, or tailbone? Your coccyx or tailbone is a small bony section at the bottom of the spine. It's normally composed of 3-5 segments which are usually fused, and it's attached to your sacrum, which is the most posterior (rear) part of [...]

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How to Sit on Couches/Sofas without Pain

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Do you find yourself complaining about how uncomfortable furniture is? Do you squirm a lot, constantly shifting your posture to get comfortable?  This is really common.  There are 2 big challenges these days to getting comfortable when sitting: 1) Our modern misaligned posture and 2) Our modern unhealthy chairs.  How can you deal with these challenges? To deal with the first issue of misaligned posture, I'll refer you to previous articles on my blog.  Try searching under the "sitting" category.  You can find a link to my YouTube video on Pain-Free Sitting as well as an article on "10 Tips [...]

Who’s More Misaligned? (Part 1)

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You may wonder why Americans have such poor posture. This started back in the early 1900’s, probably with the “Flappers”, but unfortunately the trend has continued unabated since then. People have speculated why this change took place. Some say it was a rebellion against the rigidity of the Victorian age. Others say it had to do with Americans wanting to be “modern” and look “relaxed.” There may have been many causes of this phenomenon, but certainly the cost to our society in terms of back pain is huge – billions of dollars are spent on dealing with back pain each [...]

Study Shows Sitting is Bad for Your Health

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On April 25, 2011, National Public Radio did a story on how sitting is bad for your health. The conclusion of a study by epidemiologist Steven Blair was that men who had more sedentary lifestyles (time spent doing things like sitting, driving, and watching TV) had a higher risk of dying from heart disease. The men who reported more than 23 hours per week of sedentary activity were 64% more likely to die of heart disease than those men who reported less than 11 hours per week. Some of the more sedentary men exercised regularly. So the story says that [...]

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Get Relief from Headaches!

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When I was 17 I didn't pay too much attention to the warning to "wear your seat belt." One day I was driving with a friend, going about 30-35 miles an hour, when she crashed into the car in front of us. Afterwards, when I asked how that big crack in the windshield got there, she said, "That was your head!" I had no memory of it. I developed a huge egg-shaped bump on my forehead and went to the doctor, who found nothing wrong with me. Later, when I was in India studying yoga & meditation, I was in [...]

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