Texting Can Hurt Your Neck

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A recent study that appeared in the journal Surgical Technology International showed that the common use of cell phones can be damaging to your upper spine. It’s how you use the phones that is the problem here – in other words, your posture. The average human head weighs 10-12 pounds. When the head sits right on top of the spine, there’s no problem. Yet whose head is in that position today? It’s rare in industrialized countries to find that kind of healthy alignment, except in young children and immigrants from less industrialized parts of the world. When you tilt your [...]

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Can Technology Help Your Back or Joint Pain?

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I sometimes get asked about various apps that purport to help people improve their posture. Do they really work? Can they reduce back pain? The idea behind these is that the app catches you when you're unconscious and reminds you to stop slouching or improve your posture. That might be helpful, as we all go unconscious a lot. I know that I did, especially when I was first learning Balanced alignment. It's probably a good thing in a way, since you wouldn't want to change everything all at once. Some amount of forgetting probably allows your body to gradually get [...]

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