Is Tucking the Pelvis Healthy?

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I just read an article on Shape Magazine’s website called “Hold Up – Is the Barre Tuck Actually Bad for You?” The article talks about the “barre tuck” done in barre fitness classes. I haven’t been to a barre class, but I’ve been to many dance classes before (when I was a Flamenco dancer) where we were told to tuck the pelvis under.  It was considered to improve our posture and our dance technique. What I’ve since learned about posture, after studying with Jean Couch of the Balance Center in Palo Alto, is that it actually does neither. I followed [...]

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Who’s More Misaligned? (Part 2)

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I had some fun the other day when I walked through the mall.  I’ve been meaning to do this for months now. I was curious to see what the mannequins in store windows looked like. Were they still as misaligned as ever? I got quite a few photos, which confirmed that yes, they still are really misaligned. Here are a few photos I took that day.  Who is more misaligned? Which of these mannequins has the best alignment? Which has the worst alignment? I’d love to hear your responses. You can submit your guess by commenting on this post.  The [...]

Who’s More Misaligned? (Part 1)

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You may wonder why Americans have such poor posture. This started back in the early 1900’s, probably with the “Flappers”, but unfortunately the trend has continued unabated since then. People have speculated why this change took place. Some say it was a rebellion against the rigidity of the Victorian age. Others say it had to do with Americans wanting to be “modern” and look “relaxed.” There may have been many causes of this phenomenon, but certainly the cost to our society in terms of back pain is huge – billions of dollars are spent on dealing with back pain each [...]

How to Prevent Falls

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 3 adults over 65 fall each year, and there were 2.2 million non-fatal fall injuries in older adults in 2009 alone.  Women are more likely than men to get injured by falls, and potential injuries include fractures and head trauma. The issue of preventing falls becomes more important as you age.  Can you do something to prevent falls? Common Causes of Falls Some medications can cause drowsiness or dizziness, so you might want to check with your doctor if you experience these symptoms, to make sure that your medications are not [...]

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Aligned & Comfortable in Music & Dance

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I was just in Alaska teaching yoga and Balanced posture at the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.  It was wonderful to be around so many artists of all kinds - musicians (American Roots, Celtic, classical, African/drumming, and more), dancers (African, Afro-Cuban, salsa, Irish, Middle Eastern and of course ballet, tap, modern, and jazz), as well as visual artists who painted and sewed wonderful creations. I took some salsa classes, Afro-Cuban dance and Irish step dancing, which I had never tried before.  It was great exercise and a lot of fun.  I also loved being in the midst of such a wealth [...]

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Great Posture Examples from History

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Check out these historical photos from Belle Isle, an island in the Detroit River. The pictures are from 1901 up to 1982. You can see how posture has changed over the years. Photos 2, 3, and 5 are great examples of healthy posture. Photos 56 and 61 show the modern, not-so-healthy posture.

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