Reduce Inflammation’s Effect on Your Joints

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Do you suffer from arthritis pain? Over 30 million Americans struggle with this condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control.* I’ve written a couple articles about osteoarthritis in past issues, and here I’ll go over some ways that nutrition can influence arthritis symptoms. One issue to consider is food allergies.  Food allergies or food sensitivities can lead to joint pain, whether or not you have arthritis. A good way to check if you have an issue with certain foods is to do an elimination diet. You can find some information about cleansing diets here: Dr. Josh Axe states, [...]

Is Tucking the Pelvis Healthy?

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I just read an article on Shape Magazine’s website called “Hold Up – Is the Barre Tuck Actually Bad for You?” The article talks about the “barre tuck” done in barre fitness classes. I haven’t been to a barre class, but I’ve been to many dance classes before (when I was a Flamenco dancer) where we were told to tuck the pelvis under.  It was considered to improve our posture and our dance technique. What I’ve since learned about posture, after studying with Jean Couch of the Balance Center in Palo Alto, is that it actually does neither. I followed [...]

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Dowager’s Hump — How to Prevent or Correct It

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Many people I meet are concerned about getting more rounded and stooped over as they get older.  I know I was! Your thoracic vertebrae (in the upper spine) have a slight forward curve naturally (a “Kyphosis”). In many people in the industrialized world, this curve can become extreme. When the extreme curve is high up in the thoracic area and into the cervical spine (neck area), it is sometimes called a “Dowager’s Hump.” This can lead to back and neck pain, due to strain on the muscles that occurs with misaligned posture, and loss of height.  Over time, this change [...]

Great Stretch for Good Posture & Healthy Shoulders

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In the last 2 months I've talked about a simple exercise to heal shoulder injuries, and how to stop a main cause of shoulder injuries (by getting the pelvis underneath your spine rather than in front of it). I also mentioned my article from August, 2013 that goes over how foam rollers can help to straighten your upper spine, which really helps your shoulders. (You can find this here on the blog.) This month I'd like to address another component of shoulder problems - tight muscles in front of the shoulders. The "pecs" (pectoralis minor and major) are chest muscles [...]

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Stop a Major Cause of Shoulder Injuries

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One major cause of shoulder injuries has to do with the alignment of your spine.  Last month I gave you an exercise to help heal shoulder problems. This month we'll look at how the spine affects the health of your shoulder joints. The 3 Curve Model The spine has 3 curves normally - a lordosis in the lumbar (or lower) spine, a kyphosis in the thoracic spine (or mid to upper), and a lordosis in the cervical spine (neck). Lordosis means a backbend, kyphosis means a forward bend. Most people in industrialized countries have much more rounded spines than we [...]

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Heal Shoulder Injuries with This Simple Exercise

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Many of my students lately are wondering how they can heal shoulder injuries of one sort or another. Whether it's torn rotator cuff muscles, frozen shoulder, arthritis, or some still undiagnosed problem, shoulder problems can seriously interfere with the activities of daily life. I learned some interesting things about the shoulder joint and shoulder injuries recently in a Teleclass series by Judith Lasater, a yoga teacher who is also a Physical Therapist. Some of these I learned in my teacher training at the Yoga Room in Berkeley, but it's great to have a refresher! How Kinesiology Can Help You Kinesiology [...]