“Most Important Mineral in the Body”?

By | April 27th, 2015|Nutrition, Osteoporosis, Relaxation|

Do you suffer from leg cramps, back or neck pain, fatigue, or tension headaches? These are some of the symptoms that can be caused by magnesium deficiency. Other symptoms include muscle twitches, constipation, and even “numbness, tingling, seizures, personality changes, abnormal heart rhythms, and coronary spasms”(1). Some health practitioners believe that 80% of the population is deficient in magnesium. Doctors generally don’t test for levels of magnesium, so you aren’t likely to know if you are deficient. Why is it important? Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle, states that magnesium is the most important mineral in the body(2). [...]

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The Scoliosis-Osteoporosis Connection

By | October 9th, 2012|Healthy Posture, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis|

I did a week-long training this August with Elise Miller, a long-time yoga teacher who specializes in teaching Yoga for Scoliosis.  I’ve referred to her before in my blog post from April, 2010 (“Reduce Scoliosis Symptoms”).  The training was amazing and I learned so much about my own body (I have a slight degree of scoliosis myself!) and about how to work with students who have scoliosis. Something I learned at this training helps to explain why you can develop osteoporosis – and also how you can prevent it! Types of Spinal Curves Scoliosis is a lateral (sideways) curve of [...]

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