Pain in the Neck?

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Do you experience neck pain or tension? Does your neck get tight and limit your movement? Many students who come to my classes experience neck pain, as well as headaches and restricted range-of-motion. This can be miserable and lead you to tense up even more to try to avoid triggering the pain cycle again. In the past few months I've written about tension headaches and Forward Head position (FHP). I mentioned that the cause of the head and shoulders moving forward is the pelvis moving too far forward. The farther forward your pelvis is in sitting, standing and walking, the [...]

Get Relief from Headaches!

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When I was 17 I didn't pay too much attention to the warning to "wear your seat belt." One day I was driving with a friend, going about 30-35 miles an hour, when she crashed into the car in front of us. Afterwards, when I asked how that big crack in the windshield got there, she said, "That was your head!" I had no memory of it. I developed a huge egg-shaped bump on my forehead and went to the doctor, who found nothing wrong with me. Later, when I was in India studying yoga & meditation, I was in [...]

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