Pain-Free Gardening, Part 3

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I’ve been enjoying the hot weather lately (after such a cold, foggy summer!), and I was taking a walk last night down a peaceful country lane. I saw a garden at almost every house, and some of them were really abundant. I’m glad to see so many people growing their own food and contributing to a more sustainable world. A lot of people are interested in sustainability these days, but is your posture sustainable? Another way of saying this is, “Do you have a sense of comfort and ease in your body when you’re going about your day, or do [...]

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Pain-Free Gardening, Part 2

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This month I’d like to give you some more tips for gardening pain-free. I’m a beginning gardener, and I’m trying to learn more by taking a Permaculture training at the Regenerative Design Institute ( So far, there are SO many gophers in my yard that I’ve lost almost everything I planted there! Luckily, I started a container garden at the same time, which is doing much better! Last month I talked about Bending following the guidelines of the Balance Method. I’ve read some recommendations for gardeners that say to minimize your bending in the garden. While bending certainly can cause [...]

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Pain-Free Gardening, Part 1

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This time of the year is a busy one for gardeners.  There’s a lot to do in the garden, and when the weather is nice, it’s really pleasant to be outdoors digging in the earth.  There are fragrant smells in the air from flowers, the warmth of the sun on your skin, and ripe vegetables enticing you to pick them.  There’s nothing like a warm Sungold tomato right off the vine! Unfortunately, all that activity in the garden can also lead to aches & pains.  Digging, raking, pruning and carrying can leave you with pain in lots of places: your [...]