How to Sit on Couches/Sofas without Pain

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Do you find yourself complaining about how uncomfortable furniture is? Do you squirm a lot, constantly shifting your posture to get comfortable?  This is really common.  There are 2 big challenges these days to getting comfortable when sitting: 1) Our modern misaligned posture and 2) Our modern unhealthy chairs.  How can you deal with these challenges? To deal with the first issue of misaligned posture, I’ll refer you to previous articles on my blog.  Try searching under the “sitting” category.  You can find a link to my YouTube video on Pain-Free Sitting as well as an article on “10 Tips [...]

What Kind of Desk Chair is Best?

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I often get asked, “What is the best kind of chair to sit on at my desk?” Lots of people ask me about sitting on exercise balls while working at their computer. The theory is that back pain is caused by weak muscles and that if we work our back muscles all day long at the desk, we will get stronger. Unfortunately, I don’t find this to be true. When we study healthy, Balanced people (usually in less industrialized countries), they are always using the least amount of effort to do things. When they sit, they sit. They don’t try [...]