The Value of Body Awareness

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Are You Aware of Your Body? Going within and feeling inner sensations is an important part of improving posture and relieving pain.  If you don’t know what you’re feeling (or don't have body awareness), it’s hard to reduce your pain or improve your posture. This can also be a meditative process. Focusing on body sensations is not only a way to get current on the state of your body and its well-being, but is also a great way to quiet your mind. The body is always in the present, so when you focus on it, it can take your mind [...]

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5 Tips for Pain-Free, Relaxed Driving

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With summer almost upon us, you probably have plans to take a vacation at some point (hopefully!). Maybe you've found a nice spot to spend a few days, and you'd like to drive there rather than fly. But driving can be a "can of worms" for some people. You might be pretty uncomfortable on long car trips, or even have to stop every hour to do stretches in order to relieve back pain. You can learn to drive in comfort by following some simple guidelines for alignment (the Balance posture method). This has made a huge difference for me. I [...]