Is Your Head Too Forward?

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You’ve seen it before: kids sitting down texting, with their heads slumped way forward, hanging in front of their spines. It’s becoming more and more common due to our typical American “out of Balance” posture combined with the amount of time we spend sitting and looking at some sort of electronic screen. 1 What’s the Problem? The technical name for it is Forward Head Posture, and it is associated with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle spasms, excessive upper back curve (thoracic kyphosis), nerve compression and fatigue. It’s easy to get into a repetitive cycle of pain, spasm [...]

Are we Dooming our Kids to Back Pain?

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Yikes! Someone forwarded to me a link to this article on Scholastic's website ( today, entitled "Classroom Organization: The Physical Environment." I got annoyed at how persistent unhealthy posture is in our culture, and how it's promoted by adults. So I had to write them a letter. I reprinted it for you below. If you care about children's posture and health, take a look at it, and maybe you can pass this information on to a teacher you know. It's not their fault for promoting unhealthy posture; they just don't know any better. It's like the proverbial fish swimming in [...]

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Is Carrying a Backpack Bad for You – or Your Kids?

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The results of a study on children carrying heavy backpacks was just published in January of 2010 in the journal Spine.  The study showed that when weight was added to backpacks that children were wearing, their spines showed more compression and curvature.  The weights were 9, 18, and 26 pounds.  The children also reported more pain when more weight was added. So, is it bad to carry weight on your back? Actually, when wearing a backpack, the weight rests on the shoulders, as is common in many countries around the world where people still have natural, healthy posture.  We know [...]