Succeeding at New Year’s Resolutions

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Succeeding at New Year’s Resolutions

This is the time of year that many people set goals for what they’d like in the New Year. These New Year’s resolutions often don’t last more than a few weeks. It can be demoralizing to set a goal only to find yourself slacking off less than halfway through January (right about now)!

Is one of your goals for 2016 to get out of pain? How about to look and feel healthier? If so, changing your posture can make a huge difference in that area.

Like exercise, changing your posture has many benefits, including reduction or elimination of muscle and joint pain, decreased muscle tension, increased energy, improved appearance, and the ability to return to activities you may have given up due to pain.

How Can You Change Your Posture?
I offer articles on my blog, a YouTube video on Pain-Free Sitting, as well as classes in Petaluma and a home study course called “Good Posture is Bad for Your Back.” That gives you a number of options (some for free) that you can use to start practicing Balanced alignment.

How do you stay on track to meet your goal and not just give up after a few weeks? Here are a few ideas:

Get Your Subconscious Working for You
When you get in bed, visualize yourself practicing healthy alignment. Imagining this before sleep – especially a tangible image – can get your subconscious mind working to help you achieve your goal.

Give Yourself a Reward
While this is suggested by many people, I have mixed feelings about it. To me, looking and feeling better is really its own reward. But, whatever works! So, find a healthy reward you can give yourself after practicing your new posture for a week – maybe a massage.

Visualize the New You and Feel How Good it Feels
Imagine how you will look and feel once you’ve achieved your goal. Will you look more vital? Healthier? Will you be able to take up running again, or hiking? Will you be able to pick up the grandkids again? How will you feel emotionally? Make it as specific as you can, and let yourself get emotionally involved.

Use a Commitment Buddy
This is something I’ve done for years, and it is amazingly helpful. My “buddy” in Seattle and I talk most days, and we make commitments to each other about what we will do that day. At the end of the day, we check in about whether we actually did those things. You could do this daily, once a week, or at your own convenience. It could be in person, via phone or via email. Giving your word to someone else makes you more likely to keep it!

So, good luck with all your New Year’s resolutions! May you achieve all your goals with ease. And if I can help you achieve the goal of relaxed, pain-free posture, please do contact me!

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