Easy Solutions for Back & Joint Pain and Poor Posture

Get out of pain today with a self-help method that will empower you with practical tools for a lifetime.

Relieve your back and joint pain now. Learn how natural posture can bring back the freedom you used to have in your body.Learn more
Reduce your back & joint pain, improve your posture, regain lost height and feel more energy.Learn how
Do yoga safely, avoid injuries, and optimize the alignment of your spine in these classes.See Yoga Schedule to learn how
Get out of pain and improve your posture by learning in your own home at your own pace.Learn more
Pull up a chair and get started now.Pain-Free Sitting Video
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
7:15-9:15 pm

Thursday, September 10, 2015
2-4 pm

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Private Sessions Also Available

Get individual attention for your unique needs. Sessions can cover:

  • Pain-Free Sitting
  • Relaxed Standing
  • Powerful Walking
  • Restful Sleeping
  • Safe Bending
  • Comfortable Driving
  • Sitting Comfortably at your Computer
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  • Cost: $95 per hour for 1 person, $20 per hour for each extra person (in Petaluma). Discounts are available for multiple sessions and for students and seniors. $425 for 5 hours, $800 for 10 hours.
  • Location: Sessions are available at Sonoma Body Balance in Petaluma, or in other locations, such as your work or gym; additional charges apply.
  • To schedule a private lesson, call (707) 278-8718 or e-mail: Contact_Dana_green_new
“The Balance Method is the most practical, sensible and effective relief of back pain that I have ever been taught.”
Mary O'Connor
“Dana is a skillful, effective teacher who brings joy and passion to her work.”
Silke Greiner
“Life changing information on standing position. I’ll literally ‘carry’ it with me each day for the rest of my life.”
Anne Hiatt
“The Balance class was monumental in helping to improve my posture and resolving lower back pain.”
Susan James
“I recommend the Balance workshop to all my patients with low back pain or sciatica.”
David Whitmer, MD

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